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POOL CARE Solutions

Remove deposits, balance ph levels, and create the clearest pool water in the area with TEAM LAB.
Use our products to reduce stains, scale buildup, and foam buildup, and enjoy crystal clear water.

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Sea-Klear Swimming Pool Algaecide

  • Compatible with most pool chemicals and will not affect the pH of pool water
  • Reduces chlorine demand by eliminating algae
  • Provides superior, natural algae control by killing and preventing infestations of common algae such as blue-green algae, mustard algae, and black algae
  • Every 3 months, simply add 16 fluid ounces of swimming pool algaecide per 10,000 gallons of water

T200 • White Pool Paint

  • Rubberized masonry coating formulated with synthetic rubber resin
  • Use on interior and exterior masonry wall surfaces with exceptional durability
  • May also be used on stucco, plaster and brick. Not intended for floors

T216 • White Pool Closing Kit

  • Contains everything you need to close your pool
  • Makes spring pool opening hassle-free
  • A three part system that eliminates contaminants, prevents algae growth and provides mineral protection from scaling and staining during the winter month

T217 • Pool Paint Cleaner

  • Specially formulated to chemically remove rust, lime, scale, hard water stains, and mineral deposits on painted pool surfaces, ladders, and shower stalls
  • Pleasantly scented
  • Perfect for spring cleaning

T219 • M & M Pool Saver

  • Prevents buildup over the winter
  • Pool is cleaned by merely hosing down the walls in the spring
  • Spray on walls above water line and pour the rest into the pool
  • Use 10 gallons per 50,000 gallons pool capacity
  • No need for acid cleaning or scrubbing the walls
  • Economical and environmentally safe

T220 • Swimming Pool Stain Inhibitor

  • Protects pools from stain and scale buildup
  • Helps keep minerals in suspension so they do not stain pool walls
  • Add 1 gallon per 10,000 gallons of water on initial fill
  • Great when used with T224 Pool Clarifier

T221 • pH Up Alkaline Adjustment

  • This concentrated liquid additive raises the pH level of pool water to neutralize the excess acidity. Its highly soluble formula raises the pH level without clouding the pool or spa water, and is more convenient to apply than lime or soda ash
  • Fast-acting, odorless and convenient to use
  • Neutralizes excess acidity in pools and spas

T222 • pH Down Acid Adjustment

  • This concentrated liquid additive lowers the pH level of pool water to neutralize the excess alkalinity that causes irritation to swimmers and scaling to pool water systems. It works quickly without clouding the pool and is easier to apply than powdered acid products
  • Convenient to measure liquid
  • Neutralizes excess alkalinity in pools and spas

T224 • Swimming Pool Clarifier

  • Produces crystal clear water
  • Designed to coagulate small particles for more efficient filtration
  • Great when used in conjunction with T220 Pool Stain Inhibitor
  • Clarifiers are specialty chemicals that are used to clear cloudy pools and keep the water crystal clear. They aid in coagulating particles too small for the filters to remove from the water, such as stain forming minerals, organics, and oils
  • 8 oz of T224 treats 10,000 gallon water
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