boiler systems

•prevent corrosion & buildup•
•improve performance•


TEAM LAB has 30+ years in the boiler industry.
We’ve developed a line of products to improve the performance of your boiler system,
and prevent corrosion and buildup.

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T0170 • Fuel Oil Additive for Heating Systems

  • Allows fuel to burn cleaner for increased efficiency and reduced pollution
  • Contains an organic combustion catalyst combined with corrosion inhibitors and dispersants
  • Protects storage tanks, boiler tubes, and fire walls
  • Retains a fluidizing effect at all temperatures for more uniform, faster pumping

T0171 • Boiler Guard Plus

  • Full strength premium DOW brand heat transfer fluid
  • Specially made for closed and recirculating systems
  • Base ethylene glycol and industrial corrosion inhibitors provide the utmost in boiler metal protection

T0172 • Oxygen Scavenger Liquid

  • Quickly attacks dissolved oxygen in boiler feed water before it comes in contact with metal surfaces
  • Can be safely used in boiler systems with or without a de-aerator
  • Is effective in both steam boilers and closed-loop recirculating systems

T0174 • Alkalinity Builder Concentrate

  • Enhances the alkalinity and corrosion inhibiting properties of our other boiler treatment products
  • Completely soluble in both hard and soft water boiler systems
  • Helps stabilize the pH within a boiler

T0176 • Closed Loop Treatment

  • Prevents scale formation
  • Prevents corrosion
  • One gallon will treat 200 gallons of system water
  • Improves heat transfer, thus saves fuel
  • Cleans up a dirty system
  • Stops zone valve problems
  • Compatible with glycol
  • USDA registered

T0177 • Colorguard SB Steam Boiler

  • Prevents scale formation, prevents corrosion
  • Improves heat transfer, thus saves fuel
  • Chemical level is maintained by a quick color comparison
  • Cleans up a dirty system
  • Prevents oxygen pitting of tubes
  • All-in-one drum product
  • USDA registered

T0178 • Polymer Dispersant

  • An effective dispersant containing a polymeric sludge conditioner and fluidizer to keep solids in solution
  • Designed to work alone or as a supplement to chelate, phosphate, and carbonate treatments
  • Effectively removes deposits caused by calcium, magnesium, barium, aluminum, and iron

T0182 • Colorguard CT Cooling Tower

  • Prevents scale formation, prevents corrosion
  • One gallon treats 8000 gallons of makeup water
  • Chemical level is maintained by quick color comparison
  • Can be used to clean up a scaled system
  • USDA registered

T0183 • Bio Kill 100

  • Controls algae, bacteria and fungi in recirculating commercial and industrial water cooling towers

T0186 • B30 Cleaning Chemical

  • A safe but slower substitute for the acid cleaning of heating and cooling systems
  • There are no odors, fumes, or dangerous chemicals
  • Unlike acid, it can be flushed down drains
  • Can be used in hot water boilers, steam boilers, cooling towers, and closed-loop cooling systems for off-line or on-line cleaning
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