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Water Dye
  • Aquatic plant growth control
  • A blend of blue and yellow dyes specifically designed to shade sunlight
  • Filters wavelengths of sunlight to control unwanted aquatic weeds and algae
  • Apply before the growing season starts
  • Application rate:  1 quart per acre/foot depth
  • Less algae = Less TSS (suspended solids)
  • EPA-approved

Copper Sulfate

Root Destroyer Crystals
  • Utilizes the largest available crystals which dissolve more slowly, increasing contact time with the tree roots present in the line
  • Effectively controls roots, fungus, and slime which can reduce sewer line flow and capacity

Cutrine Plus

  • Liquid with copper ethanolamine complexes
  • Fast-acting, hard water stable contact algaecide
  • Contains no corrosive sulfates

Cutrine Ultra

  • Liquid with copper ethanolamine complexes
  • Fast-acting, hard water stable contact algaecide
  • Contains no corrosive sulfates
  • Has an addition of an emulsified surfactant which gives Cutrine Ultra greater control over resistant forms of algae

Cygnet Plus

Wetting Agent
  • Spray adjuvant for pesticides
  • A wetting agent activator and penetrant all in one
  • Helps break down the waxy cuticle on the leaf surface allowing a more effective uptake of the herbicide
  • Compatible with most terrestrial and aquatic herbicides.

Cygnet Select

Organic Water Dye
  • Organic water dye for use in golf course water hazards, lakes, ponds, decorative water features, and impounded bodies of water with limited or no outflow
  • Improves the appearance of surface water by turning waters a bright blue or blue-green color
  • Will not harm fish, waterfowl, pets, or wildlife
  • Application rate:  1 quart per acre/foot depth


Sulfide Odor Reducing Bugs
  • Add to systems where hydrogen sulfide is an issue
  • Sulfide odor reducing bugs
  • Packaged in a 40 lb pail

Hydrothol Liquid

  • Used for over 30 years for aquatic plant and algae management
  • Used primarily as an algaecide
  • Great alternative for copper products
  • Environmentally safe


  • Used for control of mosquitoes, flies, gnats, midges, and black flies.
  • Quick knockdown and kill. Relief starts in just seconds.
  • May be applied over residential areas, municipalities, playgrounds, parks, golf courses, woodlands, campgrounds, and specific crops, including alfalfa and range grasses
  • Low odor, Clean, clear product. Won't clog equipment.
  • Versatile - easy to apply by air and ground ULV, thermal foggers, and by mist barrier applications.


  • Landscape and aquatic herbicide
  • Non-volatile, contact non-selective herbicide
  • Visible effects in 2 to 3 days on above ground use
  • Controls most aquatic weeds such as coontail, milfoil, and hydrilla when applied to ponds, lagoons, lakes, etc.


  • Specifically designed to replenish and boost the supply of invaluable micro-organisms and allows natural activity to continue in the septic tank
  • Initial application restores the natural biological process and boosts the existing biological activity
  • Sold in convenient klick box, 2 pounds per box


Mosquito Dunks
  • Kills mosquitoes in the larva stage
  • Floating sustained-release larvicide for long control of mosquito larvae
  • Excellent for pre-flood treatment


Mosquito Bits
  • Fast-acting larvicide kills within 24 hours
  • Environmentally sound biological mosquito control
  • Simply sprinkle in standing water
  • Quick kill formula can be followed with longer lasting Mosquito Dunks


Altosid Briquets
  • Insect growth regulator that prevents maturing and reproducing
  • Designed for use in small bodies of water such as ditches, storm drains, etc.
  • Active ingredient is Methoprene
  • 30 Day Briquets


Altosid Briquets XR
  • Insect growth regulator that prevents maturing and reproducing
  • Designed for use in small bodies of water such as ditches, storm drains, etc.
  • Active ingredient is Methoprene
  • 150 Day Briquets


Heavy Duty Acid Drain Cleaner
  • Specially compounded for use in industrial and municipal sewage systems
  • Quickly dissolves solids
  • Regular use keeps sewage free flowing and sanitary
  • Available in a 12 quart case and 5 gallon pails


Tracing Dye
  • Highly concentrated tracing dye is very effective in leakage and flow detection
  • 1 to 2 gallons per 12,000 gallons water
  • Intense fluorescent yellow color


Sewer Deodorant Block
  • Gel-based product specially designed to eliminate many sulfurous odors and amine odors, as well as odors due to chemical decomposition
  • An ideal replacement for para odor blocks, offering a safer and healthier alternative
  • Safe for people, clothing, and the environment when used as directed
  • Non-toxic, non-flammable, and approved for continuous use


Hot Stuff Triple X Drain Opener
  • Generates a high amount of heat upon contact with water
  • Quickly dissolves any accumulations of grease, solids, sludge, and organic matter


Super Hot Stuff Triple X Drain Opener
  • Generates a high amount of heat and turbulence to liquefy, dissolve, and loosen animal and vegetable fats and oils, hair, paper, organic matter, and other materials that clog drains and sewer lines
  • Contains extra caustic and heat generating needles


Sewer Anti-foam Concentrate
  • Water-based and non-polluting product containing special silicone de-foaming agents
  • For use in wastewater treatment plants
  • Fast knock-down of foam due to detergents, surfactants, and organic materials in the water


Sand & Silt Remover
  • Modern chemical aid to remove mud, dirt, and silt from storm and sanitary sewers
  • Most efficient when applied in conjunction with regular flushing of sewer lines


Grease Buster Concentrate
  • 100% biodegradable degreaser
  • Used in federally inspected meat and poultry plants, on engines, machinery, and other equipment
  • Rids drains, grease traps, septic tanks, wet wells, and garbage receptacles from sludge, grease, and odor problems
  • Natural citrus degreaser will not generate heat


Floating Lift Station Cleaner - Citrus Formula
  • Exclusive citrus formula is safer than other degreasers on pump and float electrical lines
  • Proprietary formula is an industry leader and is highly effective while not harming any components in the lift station
  • Controls odors very well


Super Strength Floating Lift Station Cleaner
  • Naturally penetrates and liquefies grease and oil deposits from virtually any surface
  • Pleasantly scented formulation
  • Strongest citrus degreaser available
  • Non-corrosive, non-acidic, and biodegradable


Pryme-Zyme C
  • Highly concentrated liquid bacterial digestant
  • Keeps sewers clean
  • Reduces grease buildup
  • Saves on line jetting
  • Reduces odor


  • Produced and blended together with high potency nutrients, stimulants, and surfactants
  • Formulated and packaged for direct additions to drains and grease traps in restaurants and commercial buildings
  • Use in regular applications to help prevent accumulation of grease in sumps, drains, and traps, allowing for better flow throughout the system


Mega Bugs H.O.
  • Developed for use in the biological wastewater treatment of refinery and petrochemical wastes
  • Removes oil deposits and prevents scum formation in holding tanks, sewers, drains, and aeration basins
  • Reduces sludge production and accelerates breakdown of unpleasant odors associated with handling oily wastes
  • Lowers operating costs by reducing chemical consumption


E-Z Dose-It Jr.
  • Contains a special blend of microorganisms and micronutrients that degrade a wide range of fats, oils, and greases used in high grease food processing
  • By degrading these organic materials you will see improvements in the rest of your system
  • BOD and COD removal will increase, sludge settlement will improve, odors diminish, and scum formation is prevented
  • Safe and harmless to people, clothing, and the environment and is completely biodegradable when used as directed


Mega Bugs P.P.
  • Contains a specially formulated range of adapted high performance microorganisms and fungi, blended together with "high potency" nutrients and stimulants
  • Developed to increase efficiency and decrease costs in biological treatment of pulp and paper wastes
  • Cellulose degradation abilities under both aerobic and anaerobic conditions


Dairy Bugs
  • Contains specially formulated range of adapted, high-performance microorganisms for use in biological wastewater treatment of dairy wastes
  • Combined with a micronutrient blend specifically selected for milk processing wastes
  • Reacts with dairy wastes to produce biological enhancers
  • Improves cold weather operation
  • Competes against filaments


Jetter Bugs
  • Specifically formulated and packaged for use in jetting sewers
  • Will degrade the fats, oils, and grease in the lines
  • Produced and blended together with "high potency" nutrients and stimulants for optimal performance
  • Contain specialty penetrants and surfactants which loosen and liquefy heavy grease deposits, thereby assisting in their biodegradation
  • Long-lasting


Ammonia Bugs
  • Contains a special blend of microorganisms to provide a consistent seed of both types of nitrifiers for ammonia conversion
  • By utilizing selected strains of both Nitrosomonas spp. and Nitrobacter spp., it has been possible to adapt the cultures to function over a wider range of pH values than those normally found in the nitrifying population
  • T194 cultures have demonstrated the ability to remove ammonia, nitrate, and nitrite


Mega Bugs Plus Powder (Municipal Lagoons)
  • A biological product specifically formulated to be effective in enhancing municipal wastewater biology in lagoons
  • As well as microorganisms, T195 contains a micronutrient blend specially selected for sludge reduction. This micronutrient blend provides a complete formulation for maximum biological activity and reacts with municipal waste to produce biological enhancers.
  • Reduces sludge buildup
  • Improves settling
  • Reduces odors
  • Produces an excellent effluent
  • Defers dredging costs
  • Improves cold weather operation


Mega Bugs Puck
  • T-shaped - Good for reducing sludge buildup in corners
  • Sinks quickly to the bottom, directly to sludge accumulations
  • Quick release, 24-36 hours
  • Controls grease/scum formation
  • Cold weather bacterial technology
  • Contains activity-enhancing humates
  • Produces an excellent effluent
  • Significantly reduces odors
  • Improves settling
  • Defers dredging costs


E-Z Dose It Blocks
  • Grease control bacteria suspension blocks
  • High powered blend of enzyme producing bacteria that consume and digest fats, greases, and other organic waste present in wastewater
  • Degreasing penetrants which accelerate the biodegradation process by loosening and liquefying heavy grease deposits
  • Blocks are designed for maximum performance in lift stations. The blocks are "slow release" and disperse bacteria as they dissolve.
  • Available in 5 lb and 20 lb blocks


Mega Bugs H.C.
  • Specifically formulated to be effective in enhancing municipal wastewater biology in mechanical plants
  • The mechanical plant bug
  • Reduces sludge buildup
  • Controls grease, foaming, or scum formation
  • Improves settling, reduces odors
  • Produces an excellent effluent
  • Ensures rapid biological startup with suppression of undesirable filamentous bacteria
  • Provides competitive organisms to reduce filamentous activity


EZ Dose It Powder
  • Pre-measured dissolvable packets containing billions of both aerobic and anaerobic bacteria
  • Powerful grease degrading ability - grease and fats will not redeposit
  • Extends the time between grease trap pumping
  • A top seller for lift station grease control
  • Biodegradable, no harsh chemicals
  • Reduces BOD, reduces suspended solids
  • Improves wastewater treatment efficiencies


Super Bugs
  • A highly concentrated blend of select bacterial strains combined with nutrients and stimulants
  • Contains specialty penetrants and surfactants designed to loosen and liquefy heavy grease deposits, thereby assisting in their degradation
  • Packaged to maximize performance in sewers and lift stations in convenient, easy-to-use water soluble pouches
  • Fast-acting - dissolves in seconds for immediate action
  • A top seller for lift stations with severe grease problems


Aqua Terra
  • Kills most aquatic weeds and all grasses on land or in rip-rap
  • Kills aquatic weeds emerging from the surface
  • Concentrated; to be mixed with water (5 gallons will yield 100 gallons of spray)
  • Kills entire plant including the roots
  • Dual use application of both land and water make it the practical choice
  • High degree of concentration and effectiveness makes it the economical choice
  • Environmentally safe


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