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Sport Prep
  • Deep cleans wood floors prior to recoating
  • Dissolves rubber marks, mop treatments, and embedded soil
  • Leaves wood clean and uniformly dull - ready for finish
  • Will not harm well-finished wood surfaces
  • Also great for periodic cleaning prior to burnishing


Daily Cleaner
  • Great for cleaning heavily soiled finished floors
  • Free-rinsing, non-dulling, low foam all surface cleaner
  • Neutralizes ice melter and stripper residue prior to recoating
  • Removes soap scum and hard water deposits from walls, sinks, tubs, etc.
  • Ideal for mopping entryways in winter to remove ice melter residue


Water-Based Finish
  • Single-component urethane/acrylic water-based wood finish
  • Excellent black mark, scuff, and soil resistance
  • Contains reactive polymers that offer durability and appearance equal to or greater than OMUs
  • One hour dry time between coats under normal conditions - only 24 hour gym down time
  • Uniquely restorable, unlike traditional gym finishes
  • Coverage - up to 1000 sq ft per gallon


Brilliant Gloss Finish
  • Combines deep gloss, high durability and ease-of-use into one product
  • High solids (22%) formula offers greater protection with fewer coats
  • Non-yellowing, low maintenance formula offers excellent black mark and scuff resistance
  • Ideal for limited maintenance programs, yet responds to daily burnishing, if desired
  • Fast drying - 30 minutes under normal conditions


Floor Sealer Tough Armor Coating
  • Acrylic polymer under-coater-sealer brings new life to older, faded, resilient flooring
  • Penetrates and levels porous surfaces such as concrete, marble, granite, and terrazzo prior to finishing
  • Ideal for heavy traffic areas and will not discolor upon aging
  • When used in combination with a high quality floor finish, labor and the high cost of floor care are considerably reduced


Gypsy Wax Stripper
  • Extra heavy-duty wax stripper
  • High actives aggressive formula strips hard to remove finishes and seals
  • Eliminates or greatly reduces machine scrubbing
  • Powerful enough to remove multiple layers, buildup, or highly burnished finish
  • Low foam for easy application with automatic scrubbers


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